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CLA South West Colwith Farm Distillery Visit

Colwith Farm Distillery is founded upon five generations of farming history. 

The idea to build the region's first plough to bottle distillery was developed by brothers Steve & Chris in 2010. Producing premium spirits represented the perfect way to add value to the crops produced on Colwith Farm. 

Stafford Dustow (as in Stafford's Gin) moved to Colwith Farm, near Lanlivery in 1904. Five generations of the family have passionately farmed the soils ever since. 

At present, the father & son team of Mike & Chris are responsible for growing the crops that are transformed into premium spirits. Steve & Sophie look after the distillery, whilst Granddad Clive, now in his 80's, keeps an eye on general proceedings and tends to the animals. 

The Colwith Farm Distillery project was part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The project diversifies the family farming business by creating Cornwall’s first plough to bottle vodka and gin distillery, complete with visitor centre. 

CLA members will have a welcome drink, tour the distillery and finish with some tastings.

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Event Details

Wednesday 25 March 2020
2:00PM - 3:30PM
Colwith Farm Distillery, Colwith Farm, PL22 0JG
16.67 + VAT - CLA Member or Guest
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