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CLA South East - Rural Crime Seminar

The seminars will focus on highlighting areas of good practice in respect of education,
recording and reporting, prevention, detection and prosecution alongside the important
role that new and emerging technology and communications can play.
Rural crime is a considerable blight on the lives of many, and can have a serious impact on its victims, as well as being a burden on rural communities with both economic and social impacts. The wide-ranging definition of rural crime being ‘any crime and anti-social behaviour that takes place in a rural location’ means that the challenges faced in tackling these areas of criminality are considerable. These challenges can only be effectively addressed through a common goal of working together to bring down the occurring levels of rural crime.

Speakers will include Warners Solicitors, CLA Insurance, police, security technology company uWatch and a local CLA member will also present a ‘case study’, giving first-hand experience of the effects of crime and the steps taken to prevent and detect crime in the local area.
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Event Details

Tuesday 26 November 2019
2:30PM - 5:30PM
Capron House, 13 North Street, GU29 9DH
20 +VAT for CLA members and their guests
30 +VAT for non-members
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Supported by Warners Solicitors.