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CLA South West visit to North Wyke Farm Platform Sustainable Agriculture Sciences

In order to feed the growing global population without damaging our planet’s environment, the world needs innovative solutions to unlock the potential of agricultural systems. Supported by UK Research and Innovation, the North Wyke Farm Platform ‘farm lab’ is a large-scale research facility to study the complete flow of nutrients from soil to food, with the clear and distinct aim of making farming a more sustainable endeavour.

The platform is composed of four self-contained farms, each of which is managed under a different operational philosophy. This internationally unique design allows research outputs to be immediately relevant to real-world food producers, and also makes the facility an excellent venue for knowledge exchange events.

The facility is used by national and international collaborators from a wide spectrum of scientific disciplines, with a particularly strong capability to accommodate studies on pasture-based livestock production systems and optimal land use. They are a founding member of the Global Farm Platform Network, and have recently been recognised by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation as an exemplar research facility.

Dr Jane Hawkins will give a short presentation of the current research and then we will tour the Farm Platform and Small Ruminant Facility on foot, followed by a drive round some of the field scale experiments, including those investigating multifunctional/multispecies swards, different grazing managements and buffer strips to control pollution. We will finish with a pasty and cake lunch where you will have the opportunity to chat to researchers.

BASIS CPD Points:1 x E/1 x PN
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Event Details

Tuesday 15 October 2019
10:00AM - 12:00PM
Rothamsted Research, North Wyke, EX20 2SB
25.83 + VAT - CLA Member or Guest
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