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CLA North: Black Powder Gin visit

Visitors will enjoy a tour around the distillery, which will include a tasting session. A light buffet is included after visitors have immersed themselves in the history of the distillery. Places are priced at £20 + VAT for members, and £25 + VAT for non members.

The Black Powder distillery is a family run business that has been producing fruit infused gins for a number of years. Due to increased popularity in these products, and their own intrigue and curiosity in the versatility of this exciting libation, they decided to extend their range by developing both a London Dry & Navy Strength gin. With an abundance of natural ingredients at their fingertips they set about developing recipes that capture the quintessential essence of these traditional gins but with a greater emphasis on breathing a new and exciting life into them.

“What’s in a name?”

The Black Powder name principally derives from the traditional method of proof testing alcohol by using black powder (also referred to as gunpowder) as a way of determining its strength. Furthermore, the ‘black’ prefix ties in with their other passion, notably the Aberdeen Angus & striking Black Shires.


1.30pm - welcome drink with meet and greet in the Gun Room.

 2.00pm - short tour of the new distillery and adjoining farm buildings 

 2.30pm - return to Gun Room and marquee for further drinks from the Gin Bar 

 3.00pm - Further overview of Black Powder Gin from the directors which will include a little about the process, how Black Powder Gin came into being and their current business developments

 3.30pm - more drinks with food served


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Event Details

Tuesday 4 June 2019
1:30PM - 3:30PM
Black Powder Gin, Preese Hall, Weeton, PR4 3HT
20 + VAT members
25 + VAT non-members
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